Why me (lucky)?

Photo © me. Jacksonville, Florida 2013

Photo © me. Jacksonville, Florida 2013

Do you ever ask yourself “Why me?” – of course you do. We are surrounded by this question in so many different moments of our life when good, but more often when bad events take place (because we tend to focus on the bad things that make us unhappy rather than on the good things): “Why has this happened to ME?”. I do not aim to discuss here our almost-natural focus on negativity, because we all know that normally we tend to notice negative things because we are used to live a pretty decent happy life, so any form of what we subsequently call unluckiness strikes us more than its contrary.

I aim to write a pretty short blog entry on a feeling that has been with me in the past year, which is my wondering why am I so lucky to specifically being able to understand from my mistakes and learn pretty easily how to avoid them in the future or, better explained, how to strive to get better everyday. One of the strongest point of my personality is my over-thinking, often labelled by some people as one of my drawbacks, but that on the contrary, in my opinion, is one of the distinctive features of mine that helped me the most to be who I am today.

I learn easily and fast. I make mistakes like every human being. I try to accept any sort of critic, examine, evaluate, and learn from it. I do this every single day of my life. I used to take things far more personally in the past, but I have learnt that any suggestion can be a treasure for a personal improvement. I listen to people I believe know more than I do, I try not to waste any single precious thing that can contribute to my amelioration. And I ask myself, why then me? Why are some people not able to do the same, but stay all the time in that vicious circle of not being able to think out of the box and keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

I feel genuinely blessed to be this lucky to ask myself a lot of questions with the wish to answer them. I do not absolutely mean I always succeed. On the contrary, I fail more often than not :). But I go on everyday, face new challenges, and still THINK about what happens to me, and succeed in getting better. Have you ever felt the same? Why do you think some people just do not get it sometimes when they keep making mistakes? Is it just not the right moment for them to understand?


An Interesting video about loneliness in society and the effects Facebook has on us

Script, Design & Animation by Shimi Cohen. Quoting the words of Sherry Turkle’s TED talk. Based on ‘The Invention of Being Lonely’ by Dr. Yair Amichai. Read More: http://www.whydontyoutrythis.com/2014/03/here-s-what-facebook-is-doing-to-your-brain-it-s-kind-of-shocking.html

My trip to the US and(/as) my statement of happiness


Photo © me. A view of New York from Top of the Rock Observation Deck

After I graduated from my Master in October 2013, I decided to go on a trip to the United States (it was my first time, yay!). I absolutely loved it because it was partly a trip on my own: I left Italy alone, got there alone, and from there met different friends; besides, I was traveling a lot around the country, in a time lapse of 22 days. I had a lot of time to spend with myself and in that specific time I absolutely loved it (you can see it is also one point on my list of the things to do before I am 30). I still need to figure out if I am introvert or extrovert, but I really need every now and then some time to be just on my own, recollect where I am/what I am doing/who are the people who mean to me in my life, and so forth.

I do not intend to write an entry consisting of a summary of all the things I have done/seen and places I have been to, because that would take me forever, I am not sure it would be interesting for you, and I am totally convinced there are many websites, blogs and tourist guides where you can grasp an idea of what you can see in the US.

I stayed at The Webster as a visitor (I was visiting my dear friend Lucy who was living there). Needless to say, this accommodation was fantastic and totally suited the purpose of my stay: I had my own little room and the location was breath-taking: these apartments lay in the very city centre of Manhattan on the 34th street, right in front of the Empire State Building. And the most amazing thing is you can access to the rooftop, which has been transformed into a beautiful terrace, with benches, plants and flowers. It seemed far too idyllic to be in New York, but at the same time I could enjoy the view of the city that never sleeps whilst feeling at peace in such an amazing little corner of it. Continue reading

My 30 things to do before I am 30.

Last summer, when I was spending my lovely year abroad in Bavaria, Germany, I bumped into this very inspiring list about the 30 things one should do before they are 30. I have personally found that very interesting and challenging, to such an extent that I ran to my friends and said “Ok, now we have to make our own”.

But first of all, why did it trigger such a reaction? I am now on my 25th year of life and this period of time between 20 and 30, however with no exact starting or ending point, is a moment when you realize you are no longer a teenager, but also not a proper adult with many different obligations to other human beings. Let me go very briefly deeper into this. As a teenager, ideally you cannot boast of any sort of total freedom because your parents are still too influential, plus you might not have a proper job which consequently allows you to be economically independent, and you still need to form an idea about which direction your life is going to take. On the other hand, proper adulthood seems to me (but correct me if I am wrong), the time when you start taking certain responsibilities, like for example have a full-time job which does not allow you much freedom, and possibly decide to get married and have children (according to a traditionalistic way of living, which nevertheless many no longer undertake). Besides, this time gap between 20 and 30, again with no strict boundaries, is the moment when you are still hopefully physically strong and can still afford to perform your best 🙂

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Description, aims and irrelevant stuff


Photo © me. Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest 2013

I have thought about opening a blog (let’s call it like that) for such a long time; I have been thinking and thinking. I was never fully convinced but hey, why not. Nevertheless, I have opened various different blogs in my life (almost all of them were subsequently abandoned and forgotten) and I have always been stuck with the first post: should I just ignore it and start posting stuff, should I maybe introduce myself, or should I underline it is the first post and write a nonsense entry about it? I go for the last one, but I try to set myself some goals so to have a nice idea of what I aim to with this thing here and try to explain why I want to start this new virtual adventure 🙂

First, I have recently realized how many things happen to my life everyday, how much I (over – sometimes) think about them, how much I try to give a shape to the changes that affect me. These major changes take place when I travel and come into contact with different and new cultures, meet amazing people and learn to look beyond what is traditionally given and taken for granted. What happens in my life everyday consequently contributes to my growth and personal enrichment, and therefore it must have some meaning. So basically, this little space starts to exist because I would rather not lose track of what I perceive being important to me 😉
Besides, I have just moved from a small village in northern Italy to Berlin, Germany, after graduating and after having spent one whole year in Germany as an erasmus student. So maybe I just thought it would be interesting to annoy some readers about the cool things that I discover here.

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